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The Top 10 Most Unusual Marriage License Facts

marriage license

Think you know all there is to know about marriage licenses? Consider these strange but true facts.

* Same sex marriage isn’t quite as new as the media would have you believe. In fact, the first same sex marriage license was issued 39 years ago in Boulder, Colorado!

* Certain airline flight attendants weren’t allowed to apply for marriage licenses or get married at all. United Airlines air stewardesses were banned from getting married until 1969.

* The average age a woman applies for a marriage license is 25 years. For a man, it’s 27 years old.

* College graduates are typically older than the average ages for filing for marriage certificates. Guess the MRS degree is out of vogue.

* The place in America that files for the least number of marriage licenses is Washington D.C.

* In some ancient cultures, such as Greece, not being married would exclude you from certain public positions. Some ancient rulers even considered making marriage mandatory!

* In the United States, there is a 50/50 chance that you might just be filing for a second marriage license at some point in the future…

* Filing for that marriage license means you will generally experience over four times the savings and wealth over your lifetime than if you stayed single.

* A marriage certificate itself won’t make you happy. Research shows that if you were happy before filing for your marriage license, you’re more likely to be happy after that certificate is on file!

* Filing for your marriage license also means you have a higher chance of improved health and longevity over the years, since married couples statistically are healthier and live longer.

Strange facts about marriage licenses abound, but in the end, if marriage is right for the two of you, ensuring that you file for your marriage license in a timely manner is the key to happiness on your big day.

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