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Filing Tips for Tennessee Marriage Licenses

Tennessee Marriage License Application


Preparing to get married in Tennessee? There are a few things to keep in mind as you apply for a marriage license in the “volunteer state.” Follow our tips below to ensure a smooth application process and ultimately a marriage that is legal in the eyes of the government (which is rather important for tax, insurance, and name-change reasons!)


Tip 1: Get Counseling

Counseling before marriage is always a good idea, but since Tennessee is one of the pricier state to file for a marriage license in (the license can cost up to $105) you have the added incentive of saving $60 by showing a signed document from your counselor. Consider it the state’s early wedding gift to you!


Tip 2: Timing Is Everything

Marriage licenses issued in Tennessee are valid for 30 days before they expire, so it is wise to apply for your license two week before your wedding date. This ensures that you don’t forget last-minute, and that your license will be valid for your big day.


Tip 3: More Together Time

Tennessee county clerk’s offices require that both partners apply for a marriage license in-person. That means you both will need to take off work to go during office hours (don’t forget to arrive 30 minutes before the office closes to give them enough time to process your application and issue your license.) You will both need to provide a photo ID and a social security card or proof of a social security number to have your license application processed.

Now that you know the inside scoop on how to file for your marriage license in Tennessee you can focus on planning your wedding, and enjoying time with the love of your life!


*Photo from Cedarwood Weddings

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