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Hawaii Marriage License Planning a destination wedding in Hawaii? Do not forget to file a marriage license application before your wedding! While every state and county within the United States requires a marriage license prior to a legal marriage, each state and county may have different filing rules. Follow our simple suggestions for filing for your Hawaii marriage license and you can say Aloha to stress!   1. Hawaii marriage license applications must be filed at the county clerk's office and expire 30 days after your filing.   2. All county offices in Hawaii require their fees to be paid in exact change, so be sure to withdraw cash before you apply.   3. Fees range from $65-$70, depending on the county you file in.   4. Another requirement at all county offices: both partners must be present to apply for a marriage license.   5. Both partners should bring their government issued photo ID (ex: driver's license) and their Social Security card for identification purposes.