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Why bother applying for a marriage license? There are plenty of good reasons! If you are hoping to claim certain benefits, then filing for a marriage license is critical for a few of the following reasons. Watch our video to learn more!

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Arizona is one of the easiest states to file for a marriage license in! Unlike many other states, there is zero wait time to receive a marriage license. That means you can walk out with a marriage license the same day that you file for it (although we highly recommend picking it up earlier than the day of your wedding). Also, be sure to arrive 30 minutes before the office closes so there is time for your application to be processed. Most Arizona county clerks' offices shut their doors at 4:00pm but check your specific county to be certain. Getting married in a county outside the one you live in? Again, zero drama! Marriage licenses that are issued in Arizona are valid in any no need to trek to your wedding county to file. Each county has a different filing fee and different methods of payment that they will accept. Fees range from $72 to $90 and cash is the best payment method at any office. Be sure that you and your fiancé are both present to file for your marriage license and bring social security cards and personal identification documents such as a driver's license or U.S. Passport. Some offices will also want to see your birth certificates.

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Why are their marriage license myths? We honestly don't know! Some of the incorrect information regarding the marriage license filing process comes from historical requirements, variances in county or state laws, and a good measure of miscommunication. Not to worry! This video will help you understand what you DO and DO NOT need to prepare for as you file for your marriage license.

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Kentucky Marriage License Tips Are you getting ready to walk down the aisle in Kentucky? Hold your horses (yes we went there) and read these tips to ensure your marriage license filing process goes smoothly!   Tip 1: No Need to Wait   There is no wait time for marriage licenses in Kentucky, so you can walk into the county clerk's office and walk out with a marriage license the same day. Just be sure to arrive 30 minute before the office closes so the clerk has time to process your application and issue your license!   Tip 2: Apply 2-3 Weeks Before Your Wedding Date   Marriage licenses are valid for 30 dates from the date of issue in Kentucky, so apply for your license before but not too ahead of your wedding. You don't want to be down to the wire and stressed about filing the day of your wedding, but you also don't want to miscalculate and apply for a license too soon and have it expire before you say "I do."   Tip 3: Together Is Better   All county clerk offices in Kentucky require that both partners be present to file for the marriage license. Be sure that you both bring proof of identification such as Social Security cards and driver's licenses. You can also expect to pay $35+ for your marriage license. Specific county information can be found by searching your county on our website!  

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illinois marriage license Preparing to file for a marriage license in the state of Illinois?  Follow our insider filing tips to make the process a snap!   Marriage License Tip 1: Apply for your marriage license in the county you will be married in (not your county of residence if it is different)!  There's nothing worse then standing in line at the county clerk's office and finding out you need to go to another county office when you reach the front.   Marriage License Tip 2: Most counties in Illinois require that you pay your marriage license fee with cash or a check.  A few county clerk's offices accept cash when in doubt stop by the ATM before you file.  Fees differ by county and range from $20 to $55.   Marriage License Tip 3: File for your marriage license no more than 59 days before your wedding.  All Illinois marriage licenses expire 60 days from the date they are issued. An expired marriage license will not help you become legally married....whomp...whomp...whomp!