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same sex brides marriage license June 26th was a big day in the world of marriage licenses and of course gay marriage.  The Supreme Court ruled that any couple in love, in any state in the U.S., can get married.  This means that all of these couples now need to navigate the marriage license application process.   This ruling means that couples intending to tie the knot need to file for a marriage license at their county clerk's office.  A marriage license is the document that allows a legal marriage recognized by the United States government (which is important when it comes to things like insurance, social security benefits and name change).  As many engaged couples are now exploring the marriage license filing process, requirements and timeline within their state and county, is a fantastic free resource.  Simply click on the state you will be marrying in and then the county where you will exchange vows to get detailed information on where to file, filing fees, hold times and expiration windows for marriage certificates.   Planning your wedding and life together should be your focus, not stressing over marriage license requirements!  Pour a glass of champagne and toast an easy solution and the fact that #LoveWins.