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Does My Marriage License Expire?

marriage license

A common scenario for a nearlywed couple is to file for their marriage license well in advance – but then find that their plans have changed! Read on to find out more about expiring marriage licenses.

First, the marriage license is not like a driver’s license or other kinds of certifications. Once filed, it does not have to be renewed every five years. When you apply for your marriage license, make sure that all the information is correct, such as dates and names, and make sure that you have not left any information blank when it should be filled out. If you have, you will need to file an amendment to correct your marriage license. If all things are correct and your marriage license is filed with the county clerk’s office after the ceremony, you will never need to renew this document again.

If you have not filed your marriage license post wedding, then it is possible your license could expire. Check with your state requirements, but in some states, once a marriage license has been issued, the couple has one year in which to use it before they must refile for the license. If you find that your wedding plans have changed, make sure that you check your documentation to make sure you won’t have an expired marriage license at the time of your ceremony. Also, make sure that your documentation is filed with the county clerk’s office within the time allotted; it could turn out that you would need to refile due to missing a deadline, even if you have all the signatures.

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