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Help! There is a Mistake on My Marriage License!

marriage license

When you complete the form to file for your marriage license, you might notice when the document comes back that there is a mistake. What a frightening thing! Below are a few reasons why you should correct any mistakes sooner rather than later – and some tips on how to do so.

If you don’t have errors on your marriage license fixed, then you run the risk of your certified marriage certificate bearing those mistakes . Denial and delay could come in the form of insurance paperwork applications, rights to benefits such as federal payments or legally changing to your married last name. A certified marriage certificate is the document that legally proves your marriage for state, federal and other purposes. If the names or dates do not match, then you can expect an insurance company, government office or court to halt or deny your progress until the names and dates on all of your forms of identification and marriage documents match. Fun right?

Fortunately, any mistakes made on your marriage license are easy to fix. You need to complete and file an amendment. While this form may be called different things, it is essentially an application to amend your marriage license. You can request any changes via this form and file it with your county clerk’s office (which is the same office where you filed for your marriage license) .

Be sure to check whether you need notarization on your amendment form. If so, be sure to acquire the proper signatures and notarizations before you turn in your forms to the county clerk’s office, or you will only experience more delays.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I got married to another American while we were both serving in the Navy in Japan. I am in the process of a divorce and just now realized that my name on the certificate is wrong. It is listed like this First Name, Old Married Name, Maiden name (Michelle WarnerSanders). Is this even legal since Sanders is my maiden name? There is no way to get it fixed since all the paperwork was done by Japanese nationals.

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