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Nevada Marriage License Application: 3 Tips to Save Stress

Nevada Marriage License Application

Getting married in Nevada? Understanding the marriage license application process before you head to the county clerk’s office will help prevent frustration and multiple trips. Read on to be in the know before you tie the knot!


Tip #1 Togetherness

Every county clerk’s office in every county of Nevada require that both partners file for the marriage license together. This means that you and your fiancé need to plan a date and time where you can both file for your marriage license between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday.  We suggest that you squeeze in a romantic lunch afterwards!


Tip #2 Cash is King

Prior to applying for your Nevada marriage license, stop by your bank. Most county clerk’s offices will not accept payment via credit or debit cards.  Marriage license application fees range from $60 to $75, depending on the county you are applying in. You can click the link for your specific county on MarriageLicenseNow to get the exact details!


Tip #3 No Wait = Great

There is no waiting period for your marriage license.  Remember…Nevada is the home of the Vegas wedding, so you can apply for your marriage license on your wedding day (although we don’t recommend it)!  Marriage licenses issued in Nevada are valid for 12 months. We advise applying a few weeks before your big day to avoid adding another “to-do” the day you say “I do”.

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  1. Amy says:

    I just got married in Vegas September 2015. You can go to the Clark county website and do a pre application to save time. They separate the line to two parts. 1. Those who did pre application 2. Those who didn’t. Line number 2 has to get in line 1 after they finish the first line. They do accept cc in person now, so cash is not necessary. Both people do need to be there. If you go to the appropriate site you can find out exactly what you need to bring.

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