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Same Sex Couples: Marriage Certificate Facts

marriage license

One of the latest developments of our modern age has been the legalization of same sex marriage. Finally same sex couples can experience the legal rights a marriage license conveys. Here are some tips as you go to apply for your marriage license.

First, check whether your state has legalized same sex marriage. While some states have legislation pending, others have fully legalized marriage rights, and it is important to know where your state stands and where the state you plan to marry in stand. Please note that even if your state has challenged the establishment of same sex marriage, your state is bound by the current laws on the books, not laws that may or may not happen in the future. It is important to make your plans based on what is legal in your state currently.

Don’t avoid filing for a marriage license. There is too much that can be lost by not filing for your marriage license. For one thing, you are entitled to certain federal rights, such as filing your taxes jointly or receiving your spouse’s benefits, through a certified marriage certificate, which is completed by the county clerk using your marriage license.

Be prepared to be firm. If you live in a state that has already legalized same sex marriage, you should encounter no difficulty at the state or federal level. But you may experience difficulty with agencies – such as insurance companies – that may not quite be as familiar with the rights of same sex couples as other agencies may be. Be prepared to make your case with firmness, knowing that you have the law on your side.

Check to ensure you can file for your marriage license in your state, and then by all means do so!

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