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marriage license
On January 6th, a ruling was passed down legalizing gay marriage in Florida. The ruling allows same sex couples to apply for marriage licenses in the state of Florida. It also allows them to use certified marriage certificates from Florida (post ruling date) to file for a name change.

Same sex newlyweds rejoiced and attempted to initiate the married name change process...but unfortunately experienced push back at Social Security. Despite having newly legalized marriage certificates, couples were denied being issued a new Social Security card by Social Security clerks. It’s challenging enough to take a day off of work, complete the SS-5 form correctly, source all of the the necessary legal filing documents, and stand in line to get your new Social Security card as a newlywed. To jump through all of these bureaucratic hoops and then be told you can’t change to your married name would be beyond annoying! It seems that Florida congressman Alan Graceman penned a note about this discrimination to the to Social Security Administration. In response, the Social Security Administration updated their married name change policy to include Florida. Now all Florida newlyweds can file for a marriage license, receive a marriage certificate and change to their married names, regardless of their sexual orientation. *Original story coverage from Orlando Weekly